Parliamentary Groups in the German Bundestag

The KGParl aims at step-by-step editing and publishing of the minutes of proceedings, or rather the transcribed audio documents, of the most important parliamentary groups of the German Bundestag. With this, the Commission offers reliable and easy to use source material for historical and other research concerned with parliamentary matters, as well as for the interested public. The editions on the two major parliamentary groups of the Bundestag, CDU/CSU and SPD, for the years from 1949 to 1972 are already complete. This also applies to editions on the FDP from 1949 to 1969 and the Greens from 1983 to 1990, as well as on the CSU state parliamentary group from 1949 to 1983.


Die CSU-Landesgruppe im Deutschen Bundestag. Sitzungsprotokolle 1972–1983 / The CSU State Parliamentary Group in the German Bundestag. Minutes of Proceedings 1972–1983

The 1970s and early 1980s play a crucial role in the history of the CSU. Gaining more than 60 percent in some federal and state elections, the CSU turned into an almost hegemonic political power in the Free State of Bavaria. Its strong base in Bavaria also strengthened the political weight of the CSU in the parliamentary association with the CDU in the Bundestag und underlined its demand for participation in national questions. At the same time, the CDU/CSU’s departure from federal government revealed fissures between the two Union parties. Spurred by its exceptional election victories in Bavaria, the CSU state group saw itself as the »spearhead of the opposition« to which the less successful CDU state parties had to subordinate themselves.

Quellen zur Geschichte des Parlamentarismus und der politischen Parteien, Band 15/II / Sources on the History of Parliamentarianism and Political Parties, vol. 15/II
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In the context of the edition project »Parliamentary Groups in the German Bundestag (1949–1990)« that is institutionally funded by the German Bundestag the research focus has been restructured and expanded in personnel in 2013. Thus, the continuation of the edition project is ensured. It is planned to continue the project at least until 1990, that is the end of the »old« Federal Republic.

The minutes of the CDU/CSU and the SPD parliamentary groups have been published simultaneously and according to election periods from the year 2013 onwards. The minutes of the FPD parliamentary group and the CSU state parliamentary group cover several election periods. Due to the amount of material, an annotated selection of minutes is each being published in book form. At the same time, the complete stock of documents of proceeding minutes of all parliamentary groups which have been edited so far will be published on the online portal of the edition project »«.

With this edition project the KGParl presents unique source material on the history of parliamentary culture and parliamentarianism of the Federal Republic of Germany and makes it accessible both for research and the public. In the medium-term, it is developing a documentation on internal communication and decision-making structures in a modern parliament that is one of a kind globally. Thus, the edition project also contributes to political education and education on the principles of our parliamentary democracy.

Contact: Sven Jüngerkes