Members of the German Bundestag 1946–1972

The documentation »Die Volksvertretung 1946–1972« (»Members of the German Bundestag, 1946–1972«) is a »Who is Who« of the political class before and after the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany. It contains all members of the West German »preliminary parliaments« – from the Zonal Advisary Council to the Parliamentary Council – and the German Bundestag including the unsuccessful candidates for the Bundestag. It is based on the biographical documentation »M.d.B. – Volksvertretung im Wiederaufbau« (2000), published by Droste Verlag that is still available.

»M.d.B. Die Volksvertretung: Wiederaufbau und Wandel 1946 – 1972. Bundestagskandidaten und Mitglieder westzonaler Vorparlamente. Eine biographische Dokumentation« edited by Martin Schumacher and Michael Hillen

ISBN: 978-3-00-020703-7