Die CDU/CSU-Fraktion im Deutschen Bundestag. Sitzungsprotokolle 1972–1976 / The CDU/CSU Parliamentary Party in the German Bundestag. Minutes of the Proceedings 1972–1976

The years between 1972 and 1976 marked a period of internal conflict and new beginnings in terms of personnel for the CDU/CSU parliamentary party. After the failed vote of no confidence and the lost general elections, CDU and CSU parliamentarians had to hold their ground in the disliked role as opposition party. For the first time, the CDU/CSU was no longer the largest parliamentary party of the Bundestag. It struggled for a political and strategic course in confrontation with the social-liberal coalition. Even the union between the two sister parties was no longer taken for granted.

The 167 minutes of the proceedings of the seventh parliamentary term show the debates and negotiations of the troubled opposition, which after a severe crisis made a new start in the polarized Bundestag.

Minutes of proceedings that are mentioned but not included in the volume can be found under fraktionsprotokolle.de.

Quellen zur Geschichte des Parlamentarismus und der politischen Parteien, Band 11/VII / Sources on the History of Parliamentarianism and Political Parties, vol. 11/VII
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