Die ausgehandelten Revolutionen. Politische Kommunikation in Parlament und Öffentlichkeit beim Umbruch zur Demokratie in Spanien und Polen / Negotiated Revolutions. Political Communication in Parliament and the Public Sphere during the Transition to Democracy in Spain and Poland

The book focuses on political communication in parliament and the public sphere in Spain and Poland. Similarly to Spain during the Transición after Franco’s death in 1975, Poland’s path to democracy in 1989 was politically threatened. What was the role of political communication at the end of the dictatorship – at a time when the old system had still not quite disappeared and the new one was not yet fully established? How did the political actors communicate, argue and fight when they realized that the transition to democracy could only achieved together?

The transnational perspective of the volume reveals unexpected analogies, connections and interdependencies between the democratization processes in Spain and Poland.

Parlamente in Europa, Band 7 (Beiträge zur Geschichte des Parlamentarismus und der politischen Parteien, Band 183) / Parliaments in Europe, vol. 7 (Contributions to the History of Parliamentarianism and Political Parties, vol. 183)
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